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MTI Consulting & Technical Assistance

For more than three decades, MTI has provided high-quality consultation and technical assistance To federal, state, tribal, and local agencies; family and youth organizations; and private sector agencies. Our strength lies in our ability to assemble highly qualified teams of nationally recognized leaders and experts to provide customized, cutting edge consulting services. We specialize in strategic planning and implementation and technical assistance in specific content areas.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

MTI has assisted both public and private agencies and organizations to develop and implement strategic plans to improve service systems. These strategic plans include identified needs, agreed-upon outcomes among key stakeholders and partners, and strategies to be implemented in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Our staff  members have particular skill in assisting clients to transform their strategic plans into action, with specific, high-priority action steps; timetables; responsibilities; and benchmarks for assessing implementation and goal achievement.

Technical Consultation

In addition to our capabilities in strategic planning and implementation, MTI has developed technical skills and experience across a broad range of subject areas related to services and supports for children and families. We provide consultation and technical assistance to behavioral health and other child-serving systems related to the organization, financing, delivery, and sustainability of service systems and their component services. In particular, MTI has played a leadership role in developing and disseminating the concept of a  “system of care” for children, youth, and young adults with or at risk of behavioral health challenges and their families, focusing on populations ranging from early childhood to young adults of transition age.  Technical   assistance on conceptualizing, planning, implementing, financing, evaluating, expanding, and sustaining systems of care has been a centerpiece of MTI’s activities, as well as consultation and technical assistance related to improving front-line practice by implementing and measuring effective, evidence-informed clinical interventions, services, and supports. MTI has developed a wealth of technical assistance materials and resources, including monographs, toolkits, resource compendiums, instruments, guides, and other technical assistance products to assist clients in improving systems of care and services and supports.

System of Care Approach

MTI’s consultation and technical assistance are guided by the system of care philosophy, which was developed by Beth Stroul (MTI President) and colleague in 1986 and which has become widely accepted across service systems as the gold standard for service delivery. This philosophy calls  for a broad array of services and supports that are community based, family driven and youth guided, culturally and linguistically competent, individualized, provided in the least restrictive setting, and coordinated across child-serving agencies. MTI’s consultation and technical assistance are also guided by the public health approach to behavioral health that involves behavioral health promotion activities, prevention services geared to high-risk populations, early identification, and treatment and supports to children and youth experiencing behavioral health challenges and their families.

Presentations and Keynote Addresses

In addition to individualized consultation and technical assistance, MTI’s President, Beth Stroul, is frequently called upon to deliver keynote addresses, presentations, and workshops at meetings and conferences on these topics.