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Company Information

Management & Training Innovations, Inc. (MTI) is a consulting firm located in McLean, Virginia in the Washington, D.C. area. Drawing on 30 years of experience, MTI provides a wide array of services designed to improve health and human services, with a particular focus on behavioral health services and supports.

Since its creation, MTI has conducted numerous projects for public and private clients including federal, state, tribal, and local agencies; foundations; national associations; private nonprofit agencies; and others. A primary focus of MTI’s work is on service systems for children and adolescents with behavioral health challenges and their families, an area in which MTI has provided extensive leadership. We maintain the vision, commitment, and depth of experience to continue our leadership role in improving health and human services for individuals with complex needs and their families.

MTI’s services are tailored to meet the needs of diverse organizations in both the public and private sectors that are functioning within complex and ever-changing political and economic environments. The three primary strategies used by MTI include:

  • Consulting & Technical Assistance
  • Research, Evaluation, & Policy Analysis
  • Training & Conference Management

Consulting & Technical Assistance

Consultation and technical assistance services are offered to address challenges related to transforming service systems to better meet the needs of individuals with behavioral health challenges and their families. Individualized consultation, strategic planning, and resource development related to the organization, financing, and delivery of services are provided to behavioral health systems, as well as to other partner systems, with the goal of strengthening their capacity to improve systems and services.

Research, Evaluation, & Policy Analysis

MTI’s research, evaluation, and policy analysis activities are directed at working with key stakeholders and partners to identify desired outcomes and to collect and use quantitative and qualitative data to assess progress and improve the quality and effectiveness of policies, service systems, and direct service interventions.

Training & Conference Management

In addition, MTI has well-developed and recognized capabilities in designing and implementing training programs and conferences that are effective in providing practical, “how to” information to policy makers, administrators, planners, managed care organizations, practitioners, families, youth and young adults, adult consumers, educators, evaluators, and others concerned with improving services for children, youth, adults, and families. Both content planning and logistical support for conferences are offered.

MTI is a core partner of the National Technical Assistance Network for Children’s Behavioral Health coordinated by The Institute for Innovation and Implementation at the University of Maryland’s School of Social Work. Through this network, MTI provides a wide range of technical assistance and support services to states and communities to implement, expand, and sustain systems of care.

MTI is a small, woman-owned business. MTI’s co-founder and President is Beth A. Stroul, M.Ed.